Lori Call

Lori Call

About Lori Call

Lori Call grew up exploring and playing in the woods and fields of the Mid-Hudson Valley in Red Hook, NY. Her favorite thing to do was draw and paint, read books, and ride her horse. This area is still ‘home’ to her in many ways, even though she now resides in Arizona.

 Lori’s father noticed at an early age how much she loved to draw and create. Being an artist and high school art teacher, he provided all the materials he could to encourage Lori to develop her talent. Both of Lori’s parents fostered the images that would become her art. Hiking, traveling in the summer, her mom’s bird and plant books, visits to museums, living down the road from the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, summers spent with cousins, and countless other experiences have made her who she is today and inspires what she loves to share in her artwork.

Lori studied art at SUNY @ Purchase and Brigham Young University. She met Lance Call at BYU and they married just after his graduation. Four children joined their little family and Lori set aside her art career to do another dream job, being a mother. Lori’s children are grown now and she saw her chance to finish what she had started many years before. She is now a graduate of the Milan Art Institute and she is thrilled that her art career is growing more quickly than she thought possible!

Lori believes that everyone should have magic in their life. With Abstract Realism she invites others to rediscover the hopes they had for themselves, visions that they may have set aside or forgotten. “I desire to bring the far things near,” Lori shares, “You will feel as though you are experiencing a dream made of memories, light and color.” Figures, children, and animals emerge as Lori uses inks, collage, stencils and other mediums, including oils, to build the layers of her paintings. It is her aspiration to invite everyone to an enchanting encounter as they view her work.